Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2.4.14 Treasury Tuesday

   Starting today, each Tuesday I will be featuring an Etsy treasury I created.  I love creating treasuries and I don't do it often enough, so I hope this little bit of added structure will help get me motivated to do more.  Themes will be based on holidays, current events, trends and just what ever inspiration strikes me.  Etsy is a treasure trove of wonderful items and treasuries are a great way to discover hidden gems.  Hope you enjoy them!

   This week's treasury celebrates the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.  They start in just a few days and my family is excited.  Living in coastal California, we don't get snow, so most of these events are unheard of for my children.  These boys love sports, so it's a fun experience to learn new things and see who wins the gold.  Last Winter Games, curling was the family favorite.  I wonder what sport they will favor this year?

You can see this week's treasury HERE.

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