Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Spring has sprung in these parts!  The grass is green, wildflowers are in bloom and sheep are on the hills!  It's a beautiful time to appreciate the cycle of growth and new life!   It seems like all of God's creation is bursting at the seams with energy and renewal!

Just a few days ago I got out our Easter decorations and I noticed that my decorating style has also taken on new life in the last few years.  Since I started cloth diapering my son, a whole new world of natural living has opened up to me.  Three years ago I had no idea what a difference that one small step would sneak into other areas of my life.  So when I opened up my box of Easter decor, I noticed my old cutesy, mass-produced Easter decorations didn't quite seem to fit in with my new felted wool eggs and chicks and playsilks.  I tried to incorporate it all together, but it just wasn't clicking.  And I realized a lot of the things I was placing in my home, I didn't even like.  They were gifts, chosen by well meaning friends and relatives, but not something I truly loved.  I remembered the Flylady's mantra, "If you don't love it, why do you have it?", or something to that effect.  (I am a Flylady flunky!)  So, I have a large box in my garage and it soon will be full of plastic eggs and cheap ceramic bunnies all headed to Goodwill.  I may have less decorations in the long run, but they will all be loved and cherished items, made by people who poured their hearts into them.   That is the kind of "stuff" I want to surround my family with.  Here is a picture of my simple table centerpiece to celebrate Spring!

Spring is also a time where I feel drawn to all the lovely, soft colors of nature.  Normally I am not a pastels person, but there is something about this time of year that makes me appreciate soft pinks, pale greens and butter yellows.  So, you will notice in my shops there are a lot of Spring time colors popping up.  Enjoy it while you can, I can't handle too much pink for long!

Since we are on the subject of Spring, what is your favorite sign of Spring?  I've already shared mine, the sheep on the hills near my house.  The BLM brings them in every year for weed control, and they are so cute (and a little noisy).  But it's a sure sign of Spring here!  What's yours?

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