Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recharging Creativity

For the last month or so, I have been trapped in creative funk, so to speak.  With the school year winding down and summer starting, schedules got changed and I found my sewing time rapidly disappearing.  I had had a few shows in May and had been working like crazy to get last minute stuff done and my studio was a disaster zone.  After the shows, I threw my stuff back in and shut the door.

Days passed.

Then weeks.

The more I stayed out of the studio, the harder it was to jump back in.  Finally this weekend, I tackled the project head on.  After a few hours of cleaning, straightening and folding fabrics, it was much more presentable in there.  Not perfect, but at least I could walk in it again.

I knew I should probably make something to stock in my shop, or finish an unfinished project, but I just didn't feel like it.  I was facing a crafter's version of "writer's block".  Staring at a room full of materials and possibilities, but not knowing where to start.

So I did what I usually do when I get to feeling this way.  I make something just for fun.  Just for me.

First up was this fun, patriotic Pennant, seen here gracing our living room mantle.  I'm not usually one of those "pennant people" that love them for any and every occasion.  You know those people on Pinterest that pin everything pennant related? That's not me.

Don't you love the quilted flag? My mom made it for me when I traveled to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 with a group from my school!  It's been a part of our Independence Day decor ever since.

But 4th of July seems to be one of those pennent appropriate holidays, at least in my world, and this was a simple enough project to get me started.  Simple fabric triangles, (I didn't even finish the raw edges) and some ribbon and ... Viola!  Instant patriotic flair!  If I could have found my pinking shears, that would have been a nice touch, but alas, my studio was still a bit disheveled.

Once my creativity motor started running, there was no stopping it, and I quickly moved on to another project or two.  I started a voile shirt for myself, but got stuck on the pattern instructions, (sewing clothing is not my forte), so it got put aside for now.

I also tackled a project I've been meaning to do for 4 years now, since my studio was finished.  I had this cute white chandelier hanging in the center of the room with plain white shades.  Well, those shades are plain no longer!

 Using modified instructions from this blog, some pretty fabric and a glue gun, I prettied up those boring shades.  The first one I did was a bit wonky, but by the time I did all five, I had mastered the technique and only had one glue gun burn to show for it.

I'm pretty pleased with the effect.  I know the light will be dimmed quite a bit when it is on, but I have stronger task lighting around the room and during my early morning quiet time, the shaded effect will be quite welcomed.

I'm feeling quite accomplished now that I've gotten some things done that I've wanted to do for a while.  This upcoming week I hope to get to work on some new items for my shop.  Now that my creative side has been recharged, I have lots of ideas!  Now if I could only find the time to do them all with two kids underfoot! Hmm... maybe they need another week at camp this summer??

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